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Simple, Affordable Weddings for Everyone! Available seven days a week, our Marion County Marriage Officials are available to perform your wedding at a moments notice.
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Eloping in Indy

Convenient - 7 Days A Week, Extended Hours

Our Wedding Office is located just a few blocks from the Clerk's Office in downtown Indianapolis. We are available seven days a week between 9am and 7pm (Walk-in's are welcome on Weekdays from 10am-5pm!)

Eloping in Indy

Inclusive - We Serve Everyone!

Elope in Indy will happily serve any couple with a valid Indiana marriage license. As an agency, we are multicultural and interfaith, so all are welcome.

affordable officiant indy

Affordable - Starting at only $99

Weekday elopements start at $99. Afterhours elopements are $129. Elope Downtown for only $149 on weekdays, $179 on weekends or holidays.

Making an appointment with Elope In Indy is simple. Click the "Book Now" button below to schedule your appointment today!

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About Us

Elope In Indy Wedding is located in downtown Indianapolis, offering Officiants and locations for simple, affordable, same-day, short notice, justice of the peace style elopements. In Indianapolis, the City-County Building no longer offers Justice of the Peace or courthouse weddings. This is why we have a centrally-located office, with our Marion County Marriage Officials on-call to serve couples 7 days a week. Want a bilingual wedding? We have Officiants who are natural, fluent spanish-speakers (bodas en espanol indianapolis, jueces de paz en indianapolis, casamientos civiles indiana). As of October 6th, 2014, LGBTQ Weddings are now legal in Indiana. We proudly serve same-sex couples, just as we serve everyone! #openforservice


What do we provide?

  • ✔ Our Elopement Service includes only a simple, "Justice of the Peace" style wedding service by one of our registered Officiants.
  • ✔ In other words, we provide a short, civil wedding ceremony and optional Ring Exchange to help you "make it legal".
  • ✔ We also take care of completing and filing your marriage license after your ceremony.

What is not included?

  • ✖ Chairs or Decorations - Our Elopement Services are intended for simple Pop-up Weddings only. That being said, these items can sometimes be added for additional fees, so please Call us Now or send us an email for more information on fees and availability.
  • ✖ Rehearsals or Planning Meetings - Your Officiant will arrive as scheduled and perform a simple, standard Ceremony. Pre-planning services are only necessary for larger, more formal weddings, which are offered by Indy Wedding Officiants.
  • ✖ Issuing your Marriage License - Only an Indiana County Clerk can issue a Marriage License. We will take care of completing and filing your marriage license after your ceremony, but you both must visit the Clerk in-person before your wedding to apply for and obtain the License. Learn how to obtain your Indiana Marriage License Here.
  • ✖ Planning or Day Of Coordination - The idea behind an Elopement to to keep it short and sweet. Although we love to help with other details for your wedding day, regrettably, our staff cannot provide Planning / Coordination services at no cost. Please Call us Now or send us an email if you need more help.


Balcony Elopement Skyline Indianapolis

Our Mini-Chapel & Skyline Balcony

Our downtown location is in Fletcher Place, just a few blocks from the Marriage License Office in downtown Indianapolis. Available seven days a week, between 9am and 7pm, we can accommodate up to 8 guests. You can stay inside, or choose to tie the knot on our Balcony (weather permitting) with it's fantastic skyline view!

Elope on the Canal in Indy

On the Canal (Downtown)

Have your small, simple wedding on the Canal! You can have up to 10 guests for a pop-up wedding (additional guests may require a special permit from the City) There are a few spots, such as the Ohio Street Basin and its beautiful fountains, or the Walnut Street Basin that offers a beautiful setting for your special moment and photos. Just keep in mind that these are public locations, so your preferred location will include pedestrians, runners, segways, families and bicyclists!

White River State Park

Waterfront Pavilion @ White River State Park

Locations such as the Waterfront Pavilion in White River State Park (see pictured above) provide spectacular skyline views. They allow up to 20 guests for a pop-up wedding (additional guests may require a special permit). This location provides a bit more intimacy and less foot traffic, but you still may encounter a few pedestrians and bicyclists.

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Terms & Conditions

SERVICES OFFERED: Elope In Indy (Agency) agrees to provide any Client who has submitted and paid for a reservation through our website with a qualified Wedding Officiant / Marriage Official / Celebrant, authorized to legally solemnize marriages in the State of Indiana. Our Officiants will only perform marriage ceremonies in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws. In some cases, we can also provide additional services, such as a venue, photography, horse carriage, gondola or limousine for an additional fee. Changes requested before or at the time of your reservation, including, but not limited to, additional guests, change of location, date or a request for additional services must be requested in writing in advance of your reservation date and the appropriate fees must be paid immediately. Additional services cannot be guaranteed and/or delivered without appropriate written request and immediate payment.

CLIENT’S DUTIES: The Couple understands that they must obtain and provide a valid Indiana Marriage License at the appropriate jurisdiction for which the ceremony will be performed to their assigned Officiant to review and execute on the day of the ceremony. The Client has been informed and fully understands that if a valid marriage license is not presented with government issued identification to the Officiant before the ceremony is performed, the Officiant cannot perform a marriage ceremony. The Couple and their guests agree to acknowledge the services being provided by the Officiant in a dignified and respectful manner. The Officiant reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time for any reason (including the day of the event,) and retain a reasonable fee and all expenses, if it is due to clients’ and/or clients' guests behavior, actions or inactions. Aggressive, abusive, rude and/or obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated towards the Officiant, any Agency staff or subcontractors.

DELAYS, LATE FEES & RESCHEDULING POLICY: Clients and all other vendors make every effort to adhere to the start time(s) outlined in this Agreement. Delays of up to, but no more than, 15 minutes past the scheduled Ceremony start times will be accommodated without any additional fees. If you’re running late, please call and notify the Agency immediately. Weddings delayed more than 15 minutes, for any reason, will be charged an additional $25 late fee. If the event is delayed for 45 minutes or more, an additional $25 will be charged every 30 minutes thereafter. As the Agency and its associates may have other commitments that same day, if your ceremony is delayed more than 45 minutes, we reserve the right to reschedule your ceremony to the Agency's next available opening. The Client acknowledges that the Officiant or other contractors are not required to remain on the premises and/or provide any additional services following the ceremony and completion of your marriage license.

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY: All sales are final. Your prepayment for Elopement / Officiant services with Elope in Indy is a non-refundable Retainer to secure a specific date, time and location and the requested services. Rescheduling for events postponed due to inclement weather shall be accommodated whenever possible and are subject to availability. This Agreement cannot be cancelled or modified except in writing by the Client and the approval of our Managing Director. Any exceptions to this policy can only be approved at the sole discretion of our Managing Director.

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Elope in Indy
711 S East Street Ste 2-B
Indianapolis, IN 46225

We are located across from Holy Rosary Church and Eli Lilly in Historic Fletcher Place. Free parking is available.

Tel: (317) 909-9176

Office Hours

Monday – Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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